Plastic sheet and bed liner

The “Prairie Plastics” product line was started in West Fargo and brought under the Safe-T-Pull umbrella in 2018. It was a merger to synergize our need for HMW and UHMW products and a plan to vertically integrate. Since then, we have grown to be a distributer not only to the Red River Valley, but also across the US and Canada. We have tens of thousands of pounds on HMW roll in stock, and we ship out and install liners weekly. 

Also, Safe-T-Pull is a distributer for Mitsubishi Chemical (MCAM), manufacturers of Durapro, QuickSilver and Haulk UHMW products. Whether you are looking for something to reduce sticking with our silicone impregnated UHMW liners or wanting to haul hot asphalt, MCAM has the products that will stand up to the toughest jobs and their warranty program proves that.