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Prairie Plastics is your plastics sheet and bed liner leader in the Red River Valley with over 25 years of experience in the plastic industry. We offer HMW and UHMW seamless sheet ranging from 16’ wide to over 100’ long coils, we are also a flat sheet stock supplier and offer multiple shapes of polyethylene to custom fit your applications.

HMW vs UHMW: what is it and what is better for my application?

HMW stands for high molecular weight, while UHMW stands for ultra high molecular weight. What does that mean? We like to think of it like rebar in concrete. The more rebar you reinforce your concrete with, the stronger your slab will be. HMW has a molecular weight of 300,000 to 500,000 while UHMW ranges from 3 to 6 million. HMW still has a high wear resistance and has great flexibility. UHMW might cost more but it is much stronger, giving you better resistance to impact and temperature fluctuations and reduces friction even better than HMW.

Prairie Slide HMW: Commonly used for live bottom liners in agriculture that might see friction but light impact. It is a cost-effective way to reduce friction, help fight mud build up, and seal the edges of your trailer.

Durapro UHMW: Made from recycled material, virgin resin and 2% silicone impregnated makes it a great option for most dump trucks or high wear live bottom liners. Durapro liners are 1/3 the weight of aluminum and 1/8 the weight of steel, making it a must to help protect your original equipment with little weight gain. Due to the high-quality product, Durapro carries a 5-year warranty and is manufactured under ISO 9001 Certified Standards.

Durapro Data Sheet
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Durapro UHMW-PE Truck Liners
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Durapro Warranty Information
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Quicksilver UHMW: Made from all virgin resin and 6% impregnated with silicone, Quicksilver has the industries best release and wear properties. Quicksilver handles any temperature allowing you to haul hot asphalt one day and aggregate the next. Impact strength tested to -100 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking or breaking. Quicksilver is also manufactured under ISO 9001 Certified Standards allowing us to offer a lifetime warranty.

Quicksilver® UHMW-PE Premium Truck Liner
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Specializing in live bottom, end-dump and hopper liners!

  • Dump truck and trailer liners
  • Live bottom trailer liners
  • Manure spreader liners
  • HMW rolls cut to size
  • UHMW rolls cut to size
  • Dairy barn walls
  • Combine header sheets
  • Grain trailer liners
  • Hopper bottom liners
  • Urethane chute liners​
  • Hopper liners
  • Hockey shooting pads
  • HDPE truck fenders
  • Roll off containers

We have a full line of HMW bed liners and UHMW bed liners for end dump trailers, dump trucks, live bottom trailers and manure spreaders. When it comes to plastic we have it all and have seen it all, we see each customer as an important one, not too big and not too small. Please reach out to us today for your bed liner needs!